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The AMPRO suite of products is Australian made and owned maintenance software solutions servicing a diverse range of industries. These industries include Water Treatment, Electricity Distribution, Food Production, Mining, Drilling, Farming, Hotels and Resorts, Defence Departments and companies servicing the Department of Defence, Marine and Facilities to name just a few.


AMPRO is a CMMS application that allows the structuring of your assets ( plant, equipment, vehicles etc. ) in an organised and logical manner.

AMPRO Requests

Requests is an add-on module to AMPRO that allows operating departments around your company to request work directly in AMPRO.

AMPRO PORTABLE is an add-on module to AMPRO that runs on almost any device that runs a browser, performing various tasks related to asset maintenance.

AMPRO Hosting

AMPRO Applications offers the stress free hosting solution, allowing you to concentrate on what you do and we worry about ensuring you have 99% up-time of your AMPRO Server.

AMPRO Remote

AMPRO Remote is the app that allows you to take your work with you. Control who has what access from AMPRO and it automatically informs Contacts. REMOTE works on Android, iOS ...


AMPRO Add-Ins are applications and functions that used in conjunction to AMPRO Allowing more functionality to more users. Currently you have AMPRO ADMIN and AMPRO Notifier ...

High quality / cost effective

AMPRO - Our Beliefs

We believe in AMPRO and what it will deliver to your organisation, and just as important, we believe in the direction our customers are taking the development of the program with their ideas and requests for future releases.

Our Belief is that Asset Maintenance Management should be on the same level of importance in any organisation as finance. Giving a contactor or an employee, a job is giving them your authorisation to work, so ensuring they are qualified is paramount in Asset Maintenance Management. AMPRO will assist you do this effortlessly.

AMPRO will continue to listen to our customers and provide high quality, cost effective software.

Maintenance Management Software

AMPRO is a leading Australian made CMMS focusing on a maintenance management software solution ensuring you are within COMPLIANCE for all your assets. AMPRO is used in servicing a diverse range of industries. These industries have AMPRO implemented to meet their needs from ensuing compliance to knowing what work is scheduled when. AMPRO produces reports that can be presented to management with all the information you require. AMPRO makes this part of your job so much easier.

AMPRO is a CMMS (computerised maintenance management software) application that allows the structuring of your assets (plant, equipment, vehicles etc) in an organised and logical manner. You are able to prepare and document the maintenance history, schedule work that needs to be done on a routine basis, prepare unscheduled jobs that need to be carried out, and record work already completed. In each scenario, recording the information will assist you in managing and maintaining your assets in the future including budgeting and labour requirements.

Our Services

AMPRO Software offers a range of affordable, high quality services that helps your business to overcome the day to day obstacles presented to it.
  • Training
  • Data Transfer
  • Report Writing
  • Maintenance Consulting
  • AMPRO Support

Why use a AMPRO?

Labour Utilisation / Inventory Management / Downtime Reduction

Visualisation of Job Schedules / Drag and Drop reschedule / Know how it was done last time

Alerts when Compliance is Due and/or over Due / Record Inspections against each Asset

 Record all incidents and actions for each

Set up scheduled Maintenance for all Assets including Vehicles

Set up budgets against any or all cost centres. AMPRO shows Budget versus Actual with balance

Ensuring Contacts are fully qualified to perform the work

AMPRO has full suite of reports available with Dashboard and printable Drill Graphs

Every Job and Inspection with all relevant documentation and records held in one place

 Set up Min, Max, Bin Locations. Auto level changes as you use the items

By having your PM and Corrective maintenance under control breakdowns will be reduced

Because of all of the above your downtime of equipment is reduced


What Clients Saying


JFD (Aust) purchased AMPRO for use as the CMMS at the RAN’s Submarine Escape Training Facility (SETF). AMPRO is a user friendly, easy to navigate CMMS. The technical support provided is excellent with enquiries answered very promptly. I have had reports custom written for specific applications usually within hours of making a request.

RAN’s Submarine Escape Training Facility (SETF)

Right from the word go, I enjoyed using AMPRO. It was easy to start out and got easier the more we used it.

Compass-Group Australia

AMPRO PE has proved a huge advantage for ENERGEX’s asset management and audit compliance data gathering, it has allowed us to greatly improve our data input and update efficiency and data accuracy, while allowing us to operate remote from our main facilities.


Everytime I use it I’m glad we made the change.

Defence Maritime Services

I knew using a CMMS could be easy. You have done it.


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