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AMPRO Applications Pty Ltd

AMPRO Applications is an Australian company, based in Brisbane, that specialises in asset maintenance management applications. The company is owned and operated by a team who are committed to providing second to none cost effective products that are easy to use.
We have an enviable reputation in the marketplace and that reputation has been obtained through our commitment to service and excellence in everything that we do.

Our Beliefs

We believe in AMPRO and what it will deliver to your organisation, and just as important, we believe in the direction our customers are taking the development of the program with their ideas and requests for future releases.

Our Belief is that Asset Maintenance Management should be on the same level of importance in any organisation as finance. Giving a contactor or an employee, a job is giving them your authorisation to work, so ensuring they are qualified is paramount in Asset Maintenance Management. AMPRO will assist you do this effortlessly.

AMPRO will continue to listen to our customers and provide high quality, cost effective software.

Mission Statement

AMPRO Applications will produce cutting edge software that is cost effective yet powerful enough to meet the requirements of our customers. Our Software will always be easy to use and intuitive to the user.


AMPRO Applications is committed to providing software that not only meets our customers' needs but exceeds their expectations. We can promise this as we are committed to ourselves as well as our customers.


AMPRO has been developed from 30 years experience in maintenance from many industries, including marine, facilities, factory, fleet and mining. AMPRO will fit easily into your working day without you having to change the things that you already do well.

Our consultants have lived and breathed the industry you are in. By selecting AMPRO as your asset maintenance management software you not only get the solution that will give you peace of mind, but also the access to over 20 years of experience in setting up and implementing Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

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