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AMPRO Add-Ins are additional applications and functions that work hand in hand with AMPRO. Some come as part of the AMPRO Standard Package and others are able to be purchased if needed. We do this as some of these features are not for all users and some are only for management to have a look at what is going on. You do not need to have a full AMPRO license to view and use. 

Currently you have AMPRO ADMIN and AMPRO Notifier that come standard with AMPRO. Other Add-Ins that have been created for our customers include Reporting Tools, Export/Import .

Add-Ins Included


  • Safety Notes Confirm before proceeding
  • Jobs module. Create, Update, and complete Jobs
  • Assign Labour, Inventory, Instructions, Journals and Analysis Codes,
  • Attach Files / Photos
  • Easy Search functionality

AMPRO Notifier

  • Quick way of assigning labour to your Jobs
  • Start / Finish Times
  • Labour Comments

Add-Ins Created for Customers


  • Taking Inspections from a Contractors application and processing in AMPRO
  • Producing Exception Reports

AMPRO Drilling

  • Reporting on PLODS
  • Drill Time
  • Drill Metres v Budget


  • Record Readings
  • Record Fuel Consumption
  • Reports

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