AMPRO CMMS Applications
AMPRO Applications / Energy Queensland

AMPRO Applications has signed into a contract to host and maintain Energy Queensland’s Maintenance Software for the testing and reporting on their Instruments and Safety Equipment throughout the State of Queensland.

AMPRO has been the choice of Maintenance Software for Energex and Ergon over the past 17 years. Starting out in 2005 with software developed for the Windows Embedded PDA’s through to now moving into the iOS phones and tablets. With over 400,000 assets to be tested and recorded on a routine basis, AMPRO fits this need perfectly informing the users where the assets are, if they are in test and keeping a history of who and when they were tested. Now with the creation of a new group of companies, AMPRO takes this to a new level for Maintenance Management solution that is easy to use yet powerful enough to meet the needs of this state government owned company.

Energy Queensland will utilise AMPRO as the core CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) and all Addin modules as well as custom applications to suit purpose.

The Core maintenance software AMPRO is a CMMS, AMPRO Portable (Web based Access into the Modules) that works in a connected mode via WiFi and / or 4G & 5G networks, AMPRO Remote (App that is available in iOS, Android and Windows) allowing the user to work offline when connectivity is not available. Energy Qld also has a number of custom applications for receiving data from 3rd party applications and updated into AMPRO as well as other built for purpose applications.