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AMPRO Data Transfer

AMPRO Software provides a fast and efficient data transfer service for those customers who have their Asset Management data stored in electronic format and want that data imported into AMPRO.

Customers who are cross-grading from another Asset Management System* usually can have their data imported into AMPRO and, if necessary, restructured so that the optimum benefits from AMPRO are achieved. A member of the AMPRO Software Technical Team will work closely with you and/or your IT department, during the whole process to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

AMPRO Software can import data in a number of formats including the following:

  • Microsoft® Access
  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • ODBC compliant databases
  • Text (Tab Delimited)
  • CSV (Comma Delimited)

If you are not sure how your data is stored feel free to contact us for assistance in determining the format.

*Contact us to see if your existing Asset Management System qualifies for cross-grading.