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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions:
1. Is AMPRO a Microsoft® Access application?

No it isn’t. AMPRO uses an MSSQL database. Keep in mind that MS SQL Express is more than adequate to run the AMPRO database for the majority of companies.

2. Can I write my own reports?

Yes you can. If you have a copy of Crystal Reports™ (version 11+. If you do not have Crystal Reports™ but have Microsoft® Access 2000/XP then you can still write reports and store them in a separate database and link to AMPRO.

Also, if you want AMPRO Applications to write some reports for you click here.

3. Can AMPRO record work I do for my vehicles as well as my plant and equipment?

Yes, AMPRO has additional functionality to handle the extra information you want to hold for a vehicle. Simply select the Vehicle option in the details form of an Asset.

Once an Asset is created you can create Recurring Jobs (Schedule Maintenance Procedures) for each of them.

4. Can I assign more than one Cost Centre to a Job?

Yes, AMPRO allows each Labour and Inventory item to be assigned to an individual Cost Centre. It is also possible to have a single Cost Centre for the whole Job.

5. Why don’t I get Jobs when I run the Recurring Job Generator?
This could be due to a number of reasons. First check that they are due by confirming the Asset has a Last Done Date set on the Assets tab of the Recurring Job and that the Recurring Jobs “Raise Jobs” is selected.
6. Can I print multiple Jobs?

Yes, select all the Jobs you wish to print from the Job listing (this can be done by holding the “CTRL” key down whilst selecting the Jobs to be printed), then click on the Print or Preview button.

7. Why don’t I need to log on when I start AMPRO anymore?

Your logon settings have changed to ‘Auto Logon’. To change it back, select ‘Log Off’ from the File menu and the next time you log on you will be prompted for your user name and password.

8. How do I stop users from deleting items in AMPRO?

You can assign users of AMPRO module level security permissions so simply remove delete permissions from the user in question for the appropriate modules and they are then unable to delete items out of AMPRO.

9. Why can’t I delete a Contact that I no longer use?

There are a number of things that AMPRO checks for before you can delete a Contact (e.g. if the Contact you are trying to delete has created Jobs then you won’t be able to delete it). If you cannot delete a Contact but you don’t want to see or use this Contact, then you can make it inactive. You can set AMPRO not to show Inactive Contacts.

10. I want to add one of my Contacts to an Asset as a Manufacturer but they aren’t showing up in the dropdown. Why not?
You need to tell AMPRO that the Contact is a Manufacturer. To do this, open up the Contact and add in Manufacturer as a Contact Type. To do this you will see the Add Button onthe Details page.
11. Why don’t I see all my Assets on the Readings Listing?
Only Assets that have one or more Reading Types attached to them are shown in the Readings Listing. To add a Reading Type to an Asset click on the ‘New’ drop down on the Console and select ‘Asset Reading Type’.
12. Why don’t all my Jobs appear on the Jobs Listing?
Only current Jobs appear in the top most level of the Jobs Listing. Expand the Jobs Module to get at ‘All Jobs’ and ‘Completed Jobs’ and other predefined AMPRO filters.
13. Why are some of the buttons disabled in AMPRO?

Each AMPRO user can have module level security permissions (update/add/delete) assigned to them and if you don’t have the appropriate permissions to say, delete an asset, then the delete button on the asset detail form will be disabled. Only users with admin permissions can change security permissions.

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