AMPRO CMMS Applications


AMPRO Servers are hosted in a secure Data facility in Australia with redundancy built in to another facility within Australia.

AMPRO will ensure you have nightly backups of server with an additional back of your AMPRO data taken off site.

Accessing AMPRO and your associated information can be done from almost any device.

AMPRO Hosting


  • Reduce Costs. (we take care of the IT from your device to the AMPRO Server.)
  • Save on IT Infrastructure.
  • Access all AMPRO Modules including Android apps
  • Access from anywhere on almost any device
  • Stay up to date with the latest versions.
  • Next to no set-up required on your side.

What we Offer

  • 99% Up-Time
  • Secure access to your applications.
  • It also has the added benefit of traffic between your client and the server being encrypted through the use of a certificate, providing an additional layer of security.
  • IT Support for conductivity to your server
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Internet Security
  • AMPRO Technical Support.
  • Ease of Use

What you get when we host your AMPRO

If you purchase AMPRO as a SaaS (Software as a Service) you will have the following as part of your hosting agreement

  • Access to AMPRO [Standard Edition] based on the number of licensing you purchase
  • Access to AMPRO Requests
  • Access to AMPRO Portable (Including these Modules)
    • Assets
    • Jobs
    • Recurring Jobs
    • Inspections
    • Contacts
    • Readings
    • Inventory
    • PO Requests
    • Job Requests
    • JSA - (Job Safety Analysis)
  • Access to AMPRO Admin
  • Access to AMPRO Notifier
  • Access to AMPRO Remote

How do you go about having AMPRO host for you

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