AMPRO CMMS Applications

AMPRO Notifier – Now with Request Notifier. With the Ability to select Parent Assets and Send Emails to any number of people when ever a change is made to a Request for the Parent or any of it child assets. This Service runs in the back ground and monitors your AMPRO database. This now takes the suite for AMPRO Notifier to 4 modules, all part of your AMPRO Support.

File Distribution – Don’t even need AMPRO for this to work for you, Automatically sends files as an attachment when files are saved into the selected folder/s

Request Escalation – AMPRO Notifier will alert the nominated email address when a Request has not been actioned in a timely manner. This Module has 3 stages of Escalation

Service Inspections – This Module allow you to send automatically a list of Assets grouped by Parent Asset to the nominated email address. This list show Assets, current status and last result from the previous inspection.

Request Notifier – As changes are made to the Request and / or the Job created from the request so the team can be notified via Email with full details being displayed.

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