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While we believe AMPRO has many meaningful and useful reports, there are times that, in order to meet your requirements of the system, some customisation is necessary. The AMPRO Software Development Team provides a quality Report Writing Service for the writing of new reports and the customisation of existing AMPRO reports.
Customers can have their reports developed for them using Crystal Reports™. These reports integrate into the AMPRO Reports and Graphs modules just as if they came standard with AMPRO. Accessing AMPRO and your associated information can be done from almost any device.
AMPRO Report Writing

In order for us to provide an accurate quotation, we need from you a specification for the new report or list of changes for an existing report. Include things like:

For new reports

  • In Crystal Reports™.
  • A description of what you expect the report to achieve.
  • The heading for the report.
  • Which fields you would like to see on the report.
  • The order in which fields appear on the report.
  • Which fields, if any, are to have sub-totals.
  • Which fields, if any, are to have grand totals.
  • The sort order of the report. I.e. Which fields are to be sorted and in which direction.
  • Grouping. Which fields are to be grouped. E.g. you may want a report that shows all Current Jobs by Asset Type, so therefore grouping on Asset Type would be required.

For existing reports

  • As for new reports.
  • The name of the existing report you would like customised.

Contact us for further information on AMPRO Software writing your new AMPRO reports.

#Crystal Reports™ 11 is required to write your own reports to use with AMPRO 4.* and below.

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