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AMPRO Training Pyrethrum
Recently AMPRO Applications conducted a 3-day workshop with Botanical Resources Australia in Ulverstone Tasmania. Botanical Resources Australia is the global leader in the production of the 100% natural insecticide active, pyrethrins, extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies. Their Australian made ‘purer pyrethrins’ powers hundreds of insect control products worldwide – products backed by the market leading household insecticides and environmental sciences companies. Outside of Their core business, interests extend to the production of dairy stock feeds, green waste bio-fuel, and the commercial farming of high value crops from our base of Tasmania, Australia. Working closely with Ray Howe the Production Manager (& Plant Engineer). David Powell, AMPROs Managing Director assisted in streamlining and adding additional knowledge to Ray and his team in the use of AMPRO. After the successful visit all participants took valuable information and ideas back to the work place. We look forward to continuing to assist BRA when needed.