AMPRO CMMS Applications
AMPRO Drill App

AMPRO Applications provider of the AMPRO CMMS application used for the maintenance of all assets has successfully developed and implemented on our Hosting Servers a customised Drill interface using AMPRO as the base. This development includes, Web and App developments allowing the users to enter in their shift reports (PLODS) onto the devices and upload when returning the surface.

The development has taken using AMPRO CMMS to a whole new level, bringing in other parts of the customers operation  to be managed in AMPRO. AMPRO Applications was asked to further develop and allow for hole surveys to be recorded with in the App. This has now been implemented successfully.

The Ability for the client to log in and view work ready for approval has taken out a lot of time and printing to prepare for the morning meetings, as clients can now logon and view from any device anywhere. Feedback is also available should the client have any questions about any work submitted.