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AMPRO Software has developed specialised training programs that are led by quality instructors. Our aim is to deliver high quality training courses that provide attendees with real life experience of maintenance management software in addition to imparting theoretical knowledge. This results in plenty of hands-on time to ensure the best learning experience possible.
AMPRO Software Training

On Site Training

Standard Two-day Course

Covers the setting up of AMPRO from start to finish. This course will take the participants through each module of AMPRO explaining how to enter information, and how it will integrate with other areas of AMPRO.

Company Specific Courses

AMPRO Software also offers company specific courses that can be customised to include specific topics to satisfy your particular requirements. Attendees feel more comfortable working with their data and terminology, and in familiar surroundings. AMPRO Software travels to your site and delivers a well prepared course over the period required to best suit your needs.

Additional Days

This allows the customer to use the skills of the consultant to further develop AMPRO for their site. These additional days can also be used to train the necessary staff on the role they will be playing in the implementation of AMPRO.

Online Training

AMPRO Software offers an exciting way of delivering training courses to our customers. You get the same level of attention as you would in a personal training course but, with help of the worldwide leader in online meeting applications, AMPRO training is brought to you when it best suits you at a time that suits you in small 2 hour sessions.

Whether it be a refresher course, a customised course or a full two day training course we now have the ability to deliver AMPRO training without the added expense of travel.

Online training is easy and convenient and can be done from almost any computer anywhere in the world and is showing to be the most cost effective method of delivering your training.

Hourly rates are also available (minimum of 2 hours).

For more information send an email to or call us.

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Public Training

This cost effective method of training is where the participants attend training with other users from a range of different industries. This has shown to be an excellent way for users to trade ideas and experiences with other users.

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